My heart just isn’t in it

I’ve been back from the Glass Slipper Challenge for a month now and I haven’t run since. I’m not feeling motivated, I’m not wanting to go to the gym nor outside to run or walk. I’ve got no energy to go to the gym and even do a resistance class.

Part of my reasoning is I’ve started a new job and it is taking a lot of my time as well as my brain power to get a grasp of the scope of this position. The other part is I have nothing to work towards…until now.  My niece is getting married in September and we are trying to decide if we are going to attend.  My daughter Kim is in the wedding party so I am leaning towards going. So I now need to get my ass into a dress that I have hanging in my closet.  I need to drop 2 dress sizes in order to do that so I am scheduling my classes into my calendar.

Another reason that I now want to get my routine back in order is I saw a picture on Instagram that other day of an abandoned mine called the Wallingford-Back Mine near Buckingham, Quebec

From what I have been able to find out about this mine, it is a great place to explore, hike and take photos.  So if I want to do any hiking at this place I need to get my cardio and fitness back in order.  Reason I know this is we went on a mini get away this weekend and did some walking.  We had to climb a few hills and we weren’t walking slowly.  But I was out of breath by the time we got to the restaurant.  And it was only a 5 block walk. Needless to say I  am extremely disappointed that 1 month ago I finished a 1/2 marathon and today I can’t walk 5 blocks without being winded.

So tomorrow, I have an appointment with the fitness program at 5:15 pm at the gym.

Onward and downward (the lbs, that is!!!)




And…the finish line is behind me!!!

It’s now been a couple of weeks since the Princess Half Marathon weekend and the Glass Slipper Challenge.  I can say that I successfully completed the 10K with a new PR!!! As for the ½ marathon, because it was my first, it is the basis for any more that I may do.  I decided that because the 10K was my more important race I wouldn’t stop for any of the photo stops with Disney characters but that I would stop during the ½ if time permitted or the lines weren’t crazy.  I managed to stop at a few during the ½ to get my own photos on my phone and a couple of actual marathon photos. I can say that I enjoyed the experience but really wish that the route went through more of the parks as opposed to the highways. But I understand the need to link the parks via the highways.

As for some of the character stops, let me vent very quickly.  I stopped at the Aladdin photo stop at the Magnolia Golf Course. Aladdin is my fave Disney movie, Genie is my fave character and Robin Williams – need I say more… Just as I was about to have my picture taken with Genie and the Mickey Mouse golf cart, it was bathroom break for Genie.  Needless to say, I didn’t have the time to wait the 10 minutes for him to come back and I let the handler know. We are all adults running these races and know that these are characters so why are there not 2 of them to take turns so that everyone who wants to have their picture taken with the characters have the opportunity.  When one needs a break, bring on the “replacement”.  There were 3 princes with the glass slipper so each of them took a turn bending down on one knee to give the other 2 a break so why not have dupes for the characters???  Rant over now.

As for the vacation part of the trip, it was amazing. Weather was great, parks were “magical” as promised and the rides were challenging but I managed to get through a couple of them , Expedition Everest being one of them.  Would I do it again??? Maybe, but I think it would be the Tinker Bell in Cali as a change. And I would have to do a better job at training.  I know my training was not the best so I would do a better job of preparing for the ½ better than I did and really work on that distance for a longer period of time. The other part I would love to do would be to run it with my hubby, to have someone to pace me and to partner up with to make the run part of it that much more enjoyable.

Starting April 1 we are going to train together so that we can run a 10K in the fall together – side by side.

Until April, my running is on hold for now.

Wishing you well with pixie dust and fairy wings!

The training is done, now the fun can begin

I ran my last official training run on Saturday, may run a short one tomorrow.  I am as ready as I am going to be.  We had a group meeting yesterday just to confirm flight times and arrivals, who needs to be picked up at the airport, what specific groceries are needed the first day and just general info on our plans.  I have one more day of work and I am officially on my way. We are both packed, with only our electronic cords left to put in our bags. My hubby has a couple of things to finalize for me tomorrow but otherwise I AM READY!!!! DISNEYWORLD LOOK OUT THE CANUCKS ARE COMING!

Wishing you well with Pixie Dust and Fairy Wings.

New Week, New Job, New Feelings

After not renewing my contract with company A, I was offered and accepted an amazing position with a company that I had been interviewing with for about a month.  My official first day was this past Monday.  This week has been very hectic in that I have been learning some of the processes of the new company, getting in tune with all of the things that need to be completed as part of a large multi national company and getting settled into a routine again.  For the past 15 years I have had positions that allowed me to start at 8AM or earlier and be done for the day at 4 or earlier.  This position starts me at 8:30 and I am there till at least 5PM.  It is throwing a wrench into my workout schedule that I am going to have to get used to once I am back from Disney.

Speaking of Disney and my training, it has not been great this week.  I have developed some issues with my IT band on my right leg as well as some tendon issues on the ankle (feels like I twisted or rolled it).  So my runs this week have been challenging and todays was the worst. I started off ok and then the ankle started to hurt where I had to walk for a bit, then the IT band started to really become an issue.  But I knew that I had to stick it out for the full 2 hour time frame I had set out as my time goal for today.  My milage goal for the day was 10 miles but I could only manage to get in just over 7 miles. Although I was able to get in the time I wanted to, I felt slightly disappointed that I couldn’t get in the milage and that I couldn’t run/walk it like I need to.  This coming week is to be my taper week and I have so many other things that I need to do to get ready for the trip that I don’t know how many other good training sessions I’ll be able to get in.  I’ll have to make the time to get them in, be it later in the evening on the treadmill at home or even getting up early in the morning to get in something.

Along with all of that I am getting very excited.  10 more days and we will be on a plane, heading for Orlando and Disney World!!!! This for me is a dream come true, to be able to celebrate a challenge that I committed to more than a year ago with some great friends and the one man in my life that I love the most, my husband.  It will also be a quasi 2nd honeymoon for us at a place that we both have wanted to go to for a very long time.

My milage for this week has been:

Sunday Feb 1 – 4.31 miles

Tuesday Feb 3 – 1.91 miles

Thursday Feb 5 – 2.17 miles

Saturday Feb 7 – 3.12 miles

Sunday Feb 8 – 7.23 miles

for a total of 18.74 miles for the week. I’m ok with this considering all that has happened this week.  I hope to at least try to do the short runs this week and maybe get in a 5 mile run/walk next Sunday.

Wishing you well with Fairy Wings and Pixie Dust.

And so it continues

Still struggling with my runs but at least now I know that I have a job to go to on Monday.  The offer came through and I accepted it, all of the requests I had made prior to the offer were accepted so there was no need to counter offer. I am quite excited to start on this new journey.

I was going to go to the gym yesterday to get in a spin class to at least have some active recovery but I developed a headache that I thought would be better not to try to work through.  I normally try to work through my headaches (unless I know they are developing migraines) but this one I decided not to.  It was a good choice as I ended up in bed by 9:00PM with an ice pack on my head.

I was able to get in a quick 3 miles in this afternoon.  Knees were a bit sore and stiff, residual effects of the long run on Sunday plus the change in the weather affecting my arthritis. After a few minutes, the knees felt better and I got in a mixture of incline and speed for the 3 miles. I may try to get in another run tomorrow and then my normal scheduled run on Thursday.

The Disney adventure is getting very close indeed!!!!

Wishing you well with Fairy Wings & Pixie Dust.

Another distance challenge covered

So this week has definitely been a huge challenge for me. On Thursday of last week the company that I was working for and I decided that it was in both our best interests to not renew my contract.  I wasn’t happy there, I wasn’t producing to their expectations so it was for the best.  To say I was surprised – nope, I actually was pleased with the way it happened.  At least I can apply for employment insurance if needed.

I then celebrated a birthday with a job offer from a company that I have been in talks with for about a month.  This position is much more in my wheel house and I am excited & nervous by the opportunity. I am now in the waiting game for the contract offer to come through. With these 2 things happening so close together, I have been on a high and then came crashing down onto a pretty big low, trying to keep the darkness at bay.

Because the darkness has been lurking, my runs this week have not been great. My 2 short runs were horrid, I don’t think I even managed to break the 3 mile mark. Saturday I struggled to make my 4 miles.  Today was my longest run to date. I had a terrible sleep, woke up way to early and then fell asleep on the theatre couch.  Worst nap ever!!! My hubby woke me up to get me going to the gym so I could start my 10 miles.  Got onto the treadmill and off I went.  By the time my partner got there (I started early as I know she is faster than me so to save us both time and enable us to finish around the same time) I was already onto my 3rd mile. I had to run to get my inhaler so that was a bit of a stop in my timing.  Never the less I was able to get in my 10 miles in 2:36:33 (yes I am a slow poke but at least I’m getting it done)

One more long run week coming up next Sunday – 12 miles or 3 hours, which ever happens first is how I am looking at it right now.

Wishing you well with Fairy Wings and Pixie Dust.2014-08-29 09.52.10

So Far Yet So Near

It’s been a bit of a struggle in the past week or so.  Took my training to the track and so far it has been successful.  However I have not really tested it to any great length – that will come this week.

Last week was an unexpected rough one for me, had a tough few days both personally as well as professionally that set me off my training schedule.  But now that both issues have been successfully dealt with I was able to move on to my longest run to date – EVER.  I pushed myself from doing a 7.2 mile run/walk last Sunday Jan 11 to doing 4 miles on Saturday followed by 9.4 on Sunday.  For me, great preparation for the GSC that is a month away.

The 4 miles on Saturdays are becoming routine for me as it’s taking about an hour to complete.  This past Saturday was no exception in that I felt good, my mind was in a good state and there was minimal pain.  The 9.4 miles on Sunday however was a chore.  As I was stepping out of my truck, I said to my hubby that if there were a bed and pillow for me to lay down on I would be asleep instantly.  The feeling of being tired hit me hard at that moment but I got my butt into the gym and onto that treadmill.  Because it’t the beginning of January, everyone gets on the resolution wheel and signs up for new memberships.  I tend to dislike this time of the year due to the fact that newbies tend to have little to no gym etiquette and tend to take “my treadmill” when I need it the most.  This was the case on Sunday. I walked to the treadmills only to find that the 4 that I prefer were all in use by newbies (I had never seen these people at the gym before .’. they are newbies in my eye). So I had to go to another treadmill that has a wonky speed lever and no working tv screen.  Stuck to that one for about 20 minutes when 2 of the good ones opened up.  I jumped on one and my partner jumped on one with a newbie still in between us.  We decided that once one of the good ones on either side of each other opened up we would take them to be side by side. Having a partner right beside me tends to make the run go better (not necessarily faster) as I have someone to vent to/chat with and ultimately we can encourage each other throughout the process.  This was the case on Sunday. We both needed each others support to get through this tough 2+ hours. But we both got it done, I with my longest milage to date and her with an awesome time, even with some injury issues that she is dealing with.

I have 3 more long runs before the taper starts and with each run that I do on the long day, it will become my longest to date.  This is exciting in and of itself.

So Far – the distance I need to physically need to go


So Near – the date of the actually race weekend is coming so quick – 5 Mondays from now I will have completed my toughest physical challenge yet.

Wishing you well with Fairy Wings and Pixie Dust.

2015-01-18 16.54.33